Jimmy's Johnnys


We have a wide variety of products to meet your work site needs such as high-rise restrooms, crane hook restrooms, and fresh water delivery.

Portable Sinks

Maintain a clean worksite with the use of Handwashing stations. Hand Wash Stations feature either foot pump or sink top operation. They fit in small areas and include soap and paper towel dispensers. Both fresh and gray water are completely contained within the system. Water supply is non-potable (not drinkable).


2-Person Handwashing Station

Features include:

  • Capacity: 22-gallon fresh water, 24-gallon grey water
  • Nearly 350 uses without refilling
  • Includes two soap dispensers, two towel dispensers and hands-free foot pump operation
  • Includes drain plugs and lockable fill caps
  • Engineered with built-in handles to easily maneuver into place
  • Stays put with tie-down ring
  • Weighs 70-lbs empty, 250-lbs full

4-Person Portable Hand Washing Station

When you are expecting high traffic at your work or event site, four is a perfect fit. It fits small spaces but handles large crowds with a 20-gallon capacity. Four taps allow up to four guests to wash their hands at once. It comes with soap and paper towel dispensers.

Features include:

  • Capacity: 20-gallon fresh water, 20-gallon grey water
  • 325 uses per fill-up
  • Hands get clean, stay clean, with soap and towel dispensers at every station
  • Hands-free foot pump operation

Portable Direct Connect Sink Rental

Fresh Water Washing Station

Designed to be hooked up directly to a fresh water source as well as a drain for gray water. It features a fill valve that keeps a constant 5-10 gallons of fresh water in the tank. With an unlimited supply of water, it’s the ideal hand washing station to service a large worksite or outdoor event.

Each unit comes fully equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers, and the hands-free pump operation helps to prevent the spread of contagions. The two-sink design will help reduce lines and wait times.

The fresh and gray water connections are made through 2 – 3/4″ garden hose connections.